Papa John's Pizza

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a minimum order amount required for delivery? 

A minimum purchase of $100 MXN is requested.

Do I need to pay for delivery? 

It depends on the store where you are ordering.

When are your opening times? 

Depending on the store, generally the opening is from 11 a.m.

How long does it take you to deliver pizza? 

Approximately 30 minutes.

Why can’t you deliver to my house? 

It depends on the delivery area, maybe the store is very far from you or in an area with difficult access.

Why do I need to enter my address or zip code before I place an order? 

In this way, we assign the order to the closest store to your location.

Are the prices different on the paper menu to online? 

That's right, it's the same price when ordering at the store, by phone, or at

Do you accept large notes for a cash payment? 

That's right, we accept cash payments.

Do you accept credit cards? 

That's right, we accept credit and debit cards.

My bank card keeps getting rejected, what should I do?

If your physical bank card is rejected, we always recommend the use of virtual cards.

If your physical or virtual card gets rejected, please contact your bank to unblock your card and allow payments to Papa Johns.

If your card times out, try a different payment method or wait 15 minutes then try again.

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